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5% Crea-Ten   free samples full as fck Volledige grootte weergeven

5% Crea-Ten free samples full as fck

Crea-TEN by Rich Piana’s 5% Nutrition – The New Definition of Creatine!

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10 Creatines! 10 Pathways! Total Results!

• Advanced 10-In-1 Creatine Formula!
• Energy – Size - Strength and Pumps!
• No Loading Needed
• No Bloat or Gastric Discomfort
• No Calories – Only Results

Creatine first hit the market back in the early 90’s and completely took the bodybuilding world by storm – in fact it dominated the marketplace. It has since been the subject of countless research studies and it has been used by thousands of hardcore lifters and it has been proven effective time after time. There’s no question about it, creatine works!

Almost as soon as it hit the shelves, supplement companies have been scrambling to introduce the “latest and greatest” version, all hoping to create a better product with their “improved” version. Many of these attempts did in fact result in a better product - so you end up with a creatine that takes away the inherent shortcomings of the original monohydrate version – such as absorption problems, the tendency of creatine to convert to the waste product creatinine, the sometimes gastric discomfort experienced by some users, and the required loading phase, where you have to take 4-5 servings a day for up to 5 days! Sorry, that’s just not always possible out here in the real world!

Now, there’s a new creatine formula getting ready to take the supplement world by storm - Crea-TEN by Rich Piana’s 5% Nutrition! Who better than Rich Piana to come out with a product that’s all about results?

So what is Crea-TEN? How about the 10 most-effective versions of creatine on the market – yes, you read that right – TEN versions of creatine in one very powerful product! With new Crea-TEN, you have the 10 best creatines all working synergistically to give you the most effective results possible! Results like increased cellular energy to power you through your workouts, increased strength, more muscle size, increased cell hydration and of course greater cell volume – the Pump!

Hold on - that’s not all! Crea-TEN also includes 8 added nutrients proven to enhance delivery and increase absorption. Isn’t absorption what it’s all about? You can’t benefit from a product if you can’t absorb it, right? When it comes to creating a great supplement, Rich Piana doesn’t mess around! So don’t even consider another creatine product until you’ve put Crea-TEN to the test!

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